Thursday, October 27, 2011

Win a “Date” With a Revenant

(note to my family and friends looking for one of my travel posts… just ignore this post.  Everyone else, go under the cut)

In honor of All Saint’s Day (La Toussaint in French,) I’m offering one (1) commenter on this post a choice between “Vincent” and “Jules.” In Europe (at least in France and Portugal,) All Saint’s Day is celebrated by spending time in the cemetery at the graves of your loved ones. Since our boys are, well, zombies *grin*, I had to think of a different way to honor them! So:

I love swaps and giveaways. I love “paying it forward.” I’ve been the lucky recipient of giveaways in the past. Not only do I love Die For Me (and can’t wait for Until I Die,) but Amy is fantastic and fun to follow. And I’m a strong believer in supporting good books, authors, and the publishing industry.

You have a choice between two prize packs—One inspired by Vincent and the 1940’s (WWII), one by Jules and the Edwardian era (pre-WWI.) {Note: to keep the packs about the same dollar amount, only the teas are interchangeable. Sorry!}

A date with Vincent—accessories to give you that 1940’s flair!

  • A hardcover copy of Die For Me (For a signed bookplate, go here and follow Amy’s instructions)
  • Eiffel Tower earrings (To make you tres belle!)
  • Tissues that reminded me of Amy’s webpage/the D4M cover. A girl always needs tissues, especially if Vincent whispers something particularly sweet and tear-inducing in your ear!
  • Your choice of either mint or raspberry dark chocolate “twigs” from France (Revillion Chocolatier)—to nibble on whilst waiting for the ballet to begin, or perhaps at intermission
  • MAC lipstick and coordinating lip pencil in either Russian Red (a true red on the bluer end of the spectrum—tends to run pink on warmer complexions) or Chili (a brick red, well suited for redheads and warm complexions—tends to run orange on cooler complexions)—this will give you that perfect 40’s red lip! (4) 
  • A hair flower—Helene might have used a daisy, but you’ll shine with a rose behind your ear.
  • A pointe shoe keychain in your choice of either Red or Navy (not pictured)—We know from Amy that UID does involve the ballet in some form.
  • A bag of “Glitter and Gold” tea(1) from David’s Tea and a heart-shaped tea infuser—You and your cup of tea can sparkle like the Eiffel tower over the Seine.
 (For my pics: MAC Chili lipstick, Stila Waterproof eyeliner in "Sparkle" for a cat's eye, Fyrinnae "Rapunzel Had Extensions" on lid.  My own gold-colored hair flower, and basic 1940's victory rolls for my hair.  Note: all lipsticks used in the photos are "Stunt lipsticks" (meaning, I used mine as stand-ins for the final product and the winner's lippies will be bought once he/she chooses his/her shade!))

A date with Jules—be an Edwardian beauty so that a sensitive artist will die to paint your portrait!

  • A hardcover copy of Die For Me (For a signed bookplate, go here and follow Amy’s instructions)
  • Eiffel Tower earrings (To make you tres belle!)
  • Tissues that reminded me of Amy’s webpage/the D4M cover. You don’t want to sniffle while posing for your portrait!
  • Your choice of either mint or raspberry dark chocolate “twigs” from France (Revillion Chocolatier)— a sweet treat while wandering all of the great museums in Paris
  • Tarte Lip Lustre in your choice of Adored, Buff, Fever, Frisky, Pouty, or Glisten (My faves for a 1914 look are Buff and Adored! Go here for swatches)—Since cosmetics were only worn by *gasp* actresses and loose women, we’ll stick to sheer, buildable sparkle that will make Jules’ heart melt.
  • A circle pin reminiscent of the era—Be creative and artistic! Pin it onto your headband, bobby pin it into your hair, or be oh-so-demure with it on a lace blouse.
  • A calligraphy pen and ink—Don’t know how to write calligraphy? Who better to teach you than our very own Jules? You’ve done calligraphy your entire life? Pretend that you have no idea how to even hold the pen so that he can help you—this –is- Jules, after all!
  • A bag of “Read My Lips” tea(2) from David’s Tea and a heart-shaped tea infuser—the chocolate, peppercorns, and candy lips promise a hot date with this sweet-talking Frenchman!
(For my pic: Hair rolled into a Gibson Roll using an elastic hairband, Tarte Lip Lustre in Bare, Elf shimmer powder)

Leave a comment here with your name, e-mail address and:

1. Recommend a good YA or Middle Grade book
2. Also tell me where you would take Vincent or Jules on a date if your favorite revenant came to your hometown (or favorite city for anyone who doesn’t want to post their location online)

If you win: Behind this giveaway is the “pay it forward” theme. I can’t track you, but I’d love it if you find a way to spread the love in your own little way—the following are just suggestions: Remember, D4M is all about being selfless:
-spare cash? Give a friend (or give away) a hardcover or paperback copy of Die For Me or another book that you love
-Love D4M? Want more? Help spread the word for Until I Die!
-Help to support Kate in the YA Sisterhood tournament of heroines (when it begins!)—who knows, if she advances, I might give away another prize pack.
-Have a wonderful date with a handsome revenant so that I can live vicariously through you!

A winner will be randomly chosen from the list of commenters after Midnight EST on November 1st.   Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to US and Canada.

1: From the David’s Site: Sophisticated seduction- This deep dark Chinese tea is like a gorgeous starry night, glimmering with gold and silver sugar crystals that shimmer as they steep. Take a sip and the slow suggestion of cinnamon will warm your body. Your toes will tingle and your mind will turn to fireworks, falling stars, late-night seduction. It’s basically magic. (Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the tea?)

2: From the David’s Site: Kiss me, kiss me- Okay, this is probably the world’s best chocolate tea. Honestly. Better than dessert. More reliable than sex. It’s a totally decadent combination of China black tea, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate bits and spicy red peppercorns. Plus it contains little red candy lips for a kiss of sweetness. In other words, it’s a completely satisfying spring experience with no guilt or strings attached.

3. Want pretty vintage dressing, hair, and makeup tips? I totally recommend the tutorials on Casey's Elegant Musings

4. To make that perfect red last: first line and fill in your lips with the lip liner, then cover with lipstick. Blot. Optional: follow with powder and another coat of lipstick. 


  1. If Vincent came to my home town of Portland, I'd go on a walk along the Waterfront. We have a beautiful mile loop that goes along the river and the lights from down town are amazing at night! It's perfect for a date.

    A good YA book that is hard to recommend just one there are SO many good ones!

    I'd have to go with Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall or Lauren Kate's Fallen.


  2. On a date with my fave revenant, we would go to the park by my house, (in San Ramon, CA), with a blanket and a picnic and read all types of books to each other, relaxing in the sunlight and discussing life.
    I would recommend Divergent by Veronica Roth or Blood Red Road by Moira Young.

    Jackie T.

  3. If I had a date with Vincent, we would go on a late stroll at the beach here in my hometown in Orlando, FL . We would watch the stars while we talk and get to know each other better.

    I would recommend the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick.

  4. I would have to take Vincent to my home town Waverly, NY during the fall. It's so beautiful there when the trees are turning colors on the huge mountain sides and there are farms everywhere. And they have so many old fashion restaurants to choose from. We would start with dinner at an old fashion Italian restaurant. Then take a stroll through the town looking at the old buildings and scenery talking about books and places we've seen or would love to see, just getting to know each other. Then stop at one of the many parks to stay out on the date a little longer to talk :)

    I good YA novel to suggest would have to be Firelight by Sophie Jordan

    Tiffany B.

  5. Casse NaRome

    I would recommend "Hereafter: by Tara Hudson. Its a great story all around.
    I would take Jules to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Its one of those places that eventhough you see it everday living there, it never gets less beautiful. It has ledges that Jules can just sit and be inspired while I watch him be inspired. ;-)

  6. I would take Jules to Niagara Falls (15 minutes from my hometown) at night to see the lights on the water and to snuggle close under a blanket with him while we watch the beauty and power that is this magnificent place.

    I'd recommend Melina Marchetta's books - particularly, "Looking for Alibrandi".

    Crystal G.

    (P.S. I've got Amy's book featured on my blog right now under my "reading material" section. I've already finished it, but will leave up the image to encourage others to check it out! Her facebook fan page is also a favourite of mine, and it's how I found your awesome giveaway! I'm Canadian, but live in France, so I hope I can still participate in your contest...I have a mailing address in Canada!)

  7. Christina Bodden

    The YA book thay I would recommend would be The Hunger Games because it is a story about love, loss, and revenge.

    I would take Vincent out to some of the beaches in Florida and just talk about anything way passed the time the sun went down.

  8. Kayres Cole
    I recommend WICKED LOVELY by MELISSA MARR it is a series about fighting your fears, facing the truth, and making your our rules/ destiny , and how love and sacrifice can effect these descions.

    Its hard to choose but if my fellow artsy love Jules came to my town( Oakville) I would take him to my favourite places, beat of which is downtown Oakville. All the people walking around and kids playing the the square. It's beautiful with quaint shops to buy things you can't find in bogbox stores and a rock beach with park and forest trails. It's amazing for meto take pictures and has the best vibe I think Jules will see and love, even great cafe's

  9. I would recommend a newer book called Demon Kissed. It's a really good story about a girl who is 1/2 angel and 1/2 demon. She is like supposed to end the world in this curse, but ends up kind of proving the prophecy wrong, and they kinda live happily, until her boyfriend dissapears and she has to go to Hell to save him:D

    I would take Vincent to this little restuarant that is so quaint and good and cute in my home town, after dinner we could just walk around the city park and just talk about everything, because as long as I was with him, time wouldn't exsist:)

    Emily Jones

  10. I would take Vincent to Bali in Indonesia. We would go to a little eatery in one of the many laneways on a little blue vespa and after a romantic dinner go for a stroll along the beach.

    I would recommend YA book 'Halo' by Alexandra Adornetto (a young Australian writer)

    PS: I hope it is okay for me to enter as I live in Australia

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  12. Kelly Mills

    I would recommend the book Fallen by Lauren Kate.

    I would take Vincent for a walk along the beach.

  13. Melissa Humeniuk

    I have no idea who Vincent or Jules are but I really really want to! So, anyway, I am assuming they are the most romantic and yummy people on earth. I would whichever one showed up to the location of the most romantic moment of my life. It is a small pub here that features local bands on the most "artsy" street in town. It has a lovely balcony under some trees that overlooks the gorgeous street. I would sit out there with him on a summer night in a light sprinkle of rain, sipping a glass of wine.

    As far as YA books, my most favorite right now is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. A must read.

  14. Jennifer

    I recommend Maureen Johnson's new book "The Name of the Star." It is spooky, good fun.

    I would take Vincent hiking in the Olympic National Park.

  15. Crystal
    I would recommend Veronica Roth's Divergent. I loved this book and could not put it down. She is in the process of getting out a second book as well which I cannot wait to read.
    I would take Jules to my favorite restaurant then out to see some local art. and finally a late night stroll through my favorite park.

  16. Peggy
    THANKS for this awesome giveaway!

    I would recommend the "House of Night" series! I love this series because it has a different take on vampires! :-)

    I've never read the book so I dont know who I would choose! I'm pretty sure my dream "date" would be in Greece though! :)

  17. I can't say anything about the date, since I've never read Die For Me. Rest assured, though, it would be something in England. And it may or may not involve a forest. I like woods :P

    I love Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series, and The Devouring by Simon Holt is really good. And anything by Lesley Livingston :P

  18. Erin

    I recommend walk of the spirits by richie cusick. I would drag jules to new york city; all the musiem's there, and the broadway shows, not to mention the rich ethnic background represented in all the different restraunts. Go up lady liberty. He'd love it (and i'd love a kiss ;))

  19. Lauren
    i would take Jules to Theater and after that we would walk in the park and just gaze at the stars for a while.
    I would recommend Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini and Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

  20. Megan

    1. Warriors by Erin Hunter

    2. I would take Jules on a date to the town center. We would walk hand in hand talking to each other, learning the small details that are what complete our lives. Then, as dusk approaches, we would enter one of the many restaurants occupying the streets to dine. Under the dim candlelight rest untouched plates, for our eyes would be interlocked in such curiosity. As the night ends we will sit at the edge of town, watching the lights go out one by one, yet never looking away from the other.

  21. Nicole
    The YA book I recommended the book Unearthly by Cynthia Hand.
    As for the date, if Vincent ever found himself in Brownsville, I would love a date at Boca Chica Beach. Of course it would have to be one of those beautiful days at sunset, so we could walk along the beach hand in hand.

  22. Dania
    The YA book I recommended is the book Hearts At Stake by Alyxandra Harvey.
    And I would take Jules to the The Museum of Modern Art in New York, since I want to see the painting Starry Night. And I know he will appreciate the art, maybe would could go for café after.

  23. Rose
    The YA book I recommeneded is Envy by Gregg Olsen.
    If Vince ever happened to be in Washington D.C, a perfect date would be a pinic under a cherry Blossom tree.

  24. Marleny
    1. I recommeneded the YA book The Lying Game by Sara Shepard.
    2. If I ever had a date with Jules, I would love for him to show me some of his artistic techniques.

  25. I hope you guys don't mind that I took a peek at your answers. I love these date ideas! (And book suggestions.) Vincent's and Jules's ears are definitely burning!