Sunday, February 20, 2011

A quick note.

I'll try to catch up with posting tomorrow-- picture loading is taking QUITE a while tonight (slow connection!)

I'm having a wonderful time so far, even with the confusing Haligonian weather (wait five minutes if you don't like it-- it's bound to change! Day one cycled me through rain, snow, ice, sun, rain... and today was basically the same.) NS is lovely in the winter and I'm convinced that it must be even prettier in the summer. In fact, I'm so disappointed that my pics from today's visit to Peggy's Cove just didn't capture the beauty of the cove and the waves and the roaring sea.

(Also, on a side note... this morning I had a cup of Second Cup white hot chocolate for the first time in Quebec. Do you know how sometimes you crave something for so long that, when you do finally have it, it just isn't as good as you remembered? Well, the cocoa didn't fail me. It was just as amazing as I remembered. Oh, I'm in LOVE.)

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