Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eaaarly Morning post

Hello from beautiful, beautiful Ottawa, Canada!

Why am I posting so early? Thanks to some not-so-smart thinking on Continental's part, we only left Newark (on the heels of a snowstorm) at 1:30 in the morning... so, by the time that I arrived at my hotel it was already 4am.

Still, I had a lovely taxi ride in-- this city has already managed to enchant me as we drove in along the lit canal, ice smooth and reflecting the bridges arching above its surface. From whatthe taxi driver told me, it's not uncommon to see people skating at 3am during Winterlude (I'll skip that. with my luck, that's when I'd trip over my toepicks and injure myself!) And my hotel room overlooks the canal and Parliament, again, lit up and sparkling. I already know that I'm going to like this place.

(best part? the taxi driver said that it's been freakishly warm-- meaning in the 20s and 30s farenheit. I'll take that!)


(sorry for the dark picture, this is the best I can do from my hotel room window with no flash!)

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